Frequently asked questions



Q: How long can you use the Kierti dish cloth?

A: It depends on how many dish cloths there are ”in circulation” in the household. Naturally, one that is in use all the time does not last as long as if there were several dish cloths in circulation. We have received customer feedback for products that have been in use for as long as seven years.


Q: What is the difference between the hemp and bamboo dish cloths?

A: Compared to the bamboo dish cloth, the hemp dish cloth is rougher and more like a scrubbing cloth. The bamboo dish cloth is soft and suitable for also all other kinds of cleaning such as dusting.





Q: How can you wash the Kierti dish cloths?

A: All of our dish cloths and cleaning cloths can be washed in 60C. Using a fabric softener is not forbidden but it will reduce the absorbency of the product. Tumble drying may cause the product to shrink.


Q: Do I need to wash the product before use?

A: It is advised to wash the product before use so that the possible excess colour may rinse out. The first wash should be done with similar colours. After this, the colour will not bleed out anymore. Furthermore, the absorbency of the products improves considerably with every wash.


Q: How often should I wash the dish cloth?

A: This is purely a matter of taste and it also depends on the usage. A good rule of thumb is washing the dish cloth every week, especially if it is in frequent use.


Q: How long does it take for the dish cloth to dry?

A: The hemp dish cloth dries in a few hours. The bamboo dish cloth is somewhat thicker and more absorbent than the hemp dish cloth, and therefore, it dries slower. Wring the cloth properly and lay it to dry airily.


Q: My dish cloth stinks. What should I do?

A: If the dish cloth has been in use for a long period of time, put it in the hamper and take out a new dish cloth. If the dish cloth has been in use only for a short period of time, remember that rinsing it with cold water in the end and letting it dry airily are important.